Evolve Larry now available on the App Store

Evolve Larry is on the App Store. This little iPhone, iPod Touch game is the result of  Ludum Dare 24‘s “make a game in 48 hour challenge”.

You can play it for FREE now via the App Store – or – check out the original LD24 submitted version here, which you can play in any web browser that has the Unity Plug-in installed.

“Can you Save Larry?”

Ludum Dare 24

It’s time for Ludum Dare again. Let’s see if I can survive this time (this post will be updated).

Updated (9/15/12) Well, I finished something called EvolveLarry since the Ludum Dare theme was “Evolution”. My goal was to make a complete mobile game. Not just some new mechanic that no one has ever seen, but a workable and semi-polished game. My secondary goal was to have it finished and submitted to the Apple Store a week later. So how did I do? Well, it’s over my personal deadline, but I’ve managed to polish, expand the game and get everything ready to submit.

You can play the original Ludum Dare 24 submission here:

You can download the Free final version on the Apple App Store here: (To be added shortly…)

Ludam Dare 23 entry: Invasion Of Tiny World!

Just posted by Ludum Dare compo game after 48 hours. It came out nicely, although it could use some polishing. I need to fix the physics on the mech legs and also do something better with the laser and damage/health displays. You can play it here for now:  http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/author/gregdevice/

There should be somewhere around 1,000 entries. Once the site traffic drops down I start checking out what everyone made.