Take Off Pig ready to play on the appstore


Take off Pig! A new mini-game now available for Free. Give it a flap!

Made with Unity3D using the new 2D Toolset in 4.3. More of an exercise in using the new tools, the game blends the 3D camera with 2D sprites. Coming from Sprite Manager 2, the new native 2D toolkit is much cleaner and the sprites are much sharper looking. I like it.

Play Free:  http://tinyurl.com/p7ufglg




Evolve Larry now available on the App Store

Evolve Larry is on the App Store. This little iPhone, iPod Touch game is the result of  Ludum Dare 24‘s “make a game in 48 hour challenge”.

You can play it for FREE now via the App Store – or – check out the original LD24 submitted version here, which you can play in any web browser that has the Unity Plug-in installed.

“Can you Save Larry?”

Ludum Dare 24

It’s time for Ludum Dare again. Let’s see if I can survive this time (this post will be updated).

Updated (9/15/12) Well, I finished something called EvolveLarry since the Ludum Dare theme was “Evolution”. My goal was to make a complete mobile game. Not just some new mechanic that no one has ever seen, but a workable and semi-polished game. My secondary goal was to have it finished and submitted to the Apple Store a week later. So how did I do? Well, it’s over my personal deadline, but I’ve managed to polish, expand the game and get everything ready to submit.

You can play the original Ludum Dare 24 submission here:

You can download the Free final version on the Apple App Store here: (To be added shortly…)

Ludum Dare 23 entry: Invasion Of Tiny World!

Just posted by Ludum Dare compo game after 48 hours. It came out nicely, although it could use some polishing. I need to fix the physics on the mech legs and also do something better with the laser and damage/health displays. You can play it here for now:  http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/author/gregdevice/

There should be somewhere around 1,000 entries. Once the site traffic drops down I start checking out what everyone made.